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Overseas Students 2011-2102

There has been a problem with the Australian student programme for a while. People were not looking for quality courses. Instead they looked for cheap ways to stay in Australia. Dodgy colleges were set up. A student visa is a temporary visa. DIAC are going to make sure that people who come out as students understand that it is a temproary visa and no longer a pathway to skilled migration. DIAC are going to ensure that it is no longer possible to move straight off a student visa into skilled migration for the occupation studied. The previous Overseas Student programme became quite debased. Changes have been put into place so that students who want to migrate are first encouraged to go on to work after completing their course. The new programme will depend on the demand for the student and their skills at the end of their course. Skills Australia set the occupations in demand and give advice on each occupation. Domestic enrolments into occupations will also be taken into consideration when setting 'demand' occupations for skilled migration into 2012. The recent 'cleaning out' of dodgy education providers was a good thing for Australia.

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