is our unrelenting desire.


We’ve helped thousands of people migrate to Australia over the years. Here are just a few of the videos, reviews and emails we’ve received to say thanks.

  • Ritchie Neville

    Permanent Resident - Distinguished Talent

    Ritchie begain his career at the age of 17 as a member of the successful music group 5ive.

    Ritchie moved to Australia and found success as restaurateur in Crows Nest, at 'Small Bar', and attracting a loyal following of local and tourist drinkers with his exceptional mixology skills, becoming a sommelier.

  • Ciaran Gribbin

    Permanent Resident - Distinguished Talent

    Ciaran has performed 50+ shows as INXS' front man. Two of the songs Ciaran co-wrote with Andrew Farris have been released by INXS.

    In addition, he has worked with many international artists including Deadmau5 and Paul Oakenfold, with whom he co-wrote Madonna's track, "Celebration", for which he received a Grammy Nomination.


  • JUST SUPER !!!!

    I appreciate the patience that VISACORP had with my difficult case. All the staff have been so sharp and professional. They hold my case and helped me to get a Permanent Resident visa !! I keep my job in Australia because VISACOP helped me .... nothing could be enough to say THANKS to this fantastic guys!!

    Angelo F.

    Skilled Work Visa

  • Very Efficient

    Visacorp offered an excellent service throughout my recent 121 visa application. They responded to any queries in a timely fashion and ensured our case was presented well to enable a quick turnaround by the DIAC. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. If only the DIAC could offer a similar level of customer service to Visacorp the migration process would be far less stressful!

    Alex F.

    Employer Nomination Visa

  • 457 A Breeze

    The staff at Visacorp were very professional. They guided us through our 457 process. We were given all the options and were made to understand what each option meant. Really liked the way our application was handled. A big thank you to Visacorp for our 457 visas. We hope to be back in your office when we apply for the permanent visa. Ta !

    Prasanth K.

    Skilled Work Visa


    I would like to say how much I appreciate all the help received by Visacorp. The team were always very caring, friendly, professional and efficient. After several disappointments with other migration agents, I was surprised how well I was treated by all of them throughout the whole process (not only before paying the deposit as most companies do). They always presented me the best options available and in a blink of an eye. They definitely know what they are doing! THANK YOU VISACORP FOR EVERYTHING!

    Vanessa S.

    Skilled Work Visa


  • On behalf of Metro, we would like to thank you and your service is always highly recommended.

    Wednesdya O.

    Skilled Work Visa

  • Thanks for your services. Will definitely recommend you to my friend.

    Nikki C.

    Partner Permanent Visa

  • Thank you so much!! It's been great working with you, thanks for all your help!

    Martina M.

    Partner Permanent Visa

  • Thank you for all your help very muchhh appreciated.

    Umer R.

    Employer Nomination Visa

  • Thank you so much for your great work !!

    Beatriz L.

    Temporary Graduate Visa

  • Thank you for your email. I dont know what can I say. Thank you thank you very very much!!

    Xuan P.

    Skilled Work Visa

  • Thank you so much for everything, we woke to the most Wonderful news. I will read through everything & we will definitely be in contact with you when we wish to apply for permanent residency.

    Theresa L.

    Skilled Work Visa

  • I would like to say thank you so much for the support you have given to me and Helen.

    We are very happy that you made our dream a reality. Since the first time we met you, I could see how professional you are and I was really comfortable to leave our future in your hands.

    I hope you keep being fantastic at your job and help out more people like me.

    Edson L.

    Skilled Work Visa